Behind The Scenes of our work. We are a small production team based out of Santa Fe, NM .  The principle of what we do is to support others; we execute the work that advertising agencies, producers, and private clients need but we do so behind their brands and companies.  This means we are not advertising or even taking credit for the work, we leave that to our clients.  This approach give us an edge.  It allows us to focus more on the task of producing content and less on trying to build a brand or sell our services.  We are a loyal and have found that once we start working with them,  so are our clients.

Stuart Penny

I put my hands on my first 35mm photography camera at age 18 when my philosophy professor in college gave me one.  Through the years my work and role behind the lens evolved, eventually moving into the role of Director of Photography.   Working in the many areas of freelance through the years has expanded my skill sets in production work to include directing, editing, writing, creating, video assist, and most every other role on set at one time or another.   I also have a strong passion for my work as a Steadicam operator.  This specialty has allowed me to work with many other DPs and Directors through my career. Expanding my experiences much more than I could ever do without that opportunity for observing and collaborating.  My work has taken me on many great adventures in my life both national and internationally.  This allows me to grow both as a person and as a cinematographer.  I am grateful.

Andrew J. Brown

As a kid, I first found my love for TV and film on home made VHS copies of "Star Wars" and "Tron".  That love brought me to Northern Kentucky University, where I received awards  in editing and documentary production.  I have created content with NFL Films, VH1, and The Food Network to name a few. Working mostly as a Camera Operator, Gaffer, and Focus Puller; from composition to lighting, I enjoy creating visual beauty from the ground up. I deeply enjoy working with others and the team aspect of what I do. Being an extroverted person is at the heart of my ability to connect with people, work as a team player, and tell great stories.  It also helps me live a pretty good life, one day at a time.